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Violin lessons

Violin lessons at Republika Rytmu will allow you to develop your skills whilst systematically gaining wider competencies. These competencies don't only include abilities directly connected to playing the instrument but also include a heightened musical sensitivity coupled and enhanced with a strong theoretical basis. The learning process therefore occurs on two planes: gaining new abilities whilst improving the student's hitherto learned skills.

The most important aspects of our course (depending on the student's level) include:
- mastering the instrument, learning the correct posture and attitude whilst playing in order to ease the process of sound emission as well as preventing injury and raising awareness of your own body, namely its capabilities and limits
- the honing of musical hearing, including the repetition of melody by ear and musical memory exercises
- working with other musicians by playing in a duet, which will also include improving musical sensitivity, developing a sense of rhythm and musical imagination as well as conveying emotional expression via the instrument.
- being able to read notes with and without the help of the instrument
- a development of fundamental knowledge in the areas of acoustics, instrument knowledge, music history and theory
- learning about diverse techniques needed for different styles of playing e.g. classical, folk, ethnic etc.

Our lessons are always individual and tailored to the needs and interests of the student, his/her level, their predispositions, tastes in music, and time restraints in reference to working at home. For students interested in more modern approaches to teaching, as part of the course, we can offer educational help in the form of computer programmes and apps.

As a student you are not expected to own your own instrument on your first lessons. However, please let's not forget that all of the above named techniques are not our primary goal. Our main aim is for the student to gain joy from familiarising themselves with the instrument, feeling happy with the music and being able to share that happiness with others.


Enrolment for the course runs throughout the year. To begin with, we invite you to a trial lesson (70zl/60mins) with no obligation to continue, but which gives you the opportunity to get to know the teacher and to familiarise yourself with the course programme.

All materials such as notes and course books needed for the course are provided by the school and the student doesn't incur any other costs other than the course fee.

violin individual 6 and above 4 x 60 min* 280 zł/month

*For children below the age of 10, lessons last 45 minutes

If you have purchased more than one course, for every another course you receive a discount of 20 zł / month.


Karolina Ossowska

kurs gry na skrzypcach

Jan Jaworski

kurs gry na skrzypcach

Fundacja "Nieściszalni" ul. Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego 17,
60-838 Poznań, e-mail:
tel. (+48) 790 780 530, IBAN: PL49 2130 0004 2001 0583 4460 0001