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"Planing" Sailing course

Our courses are open to everyone, from experienced sailors to those with no previous experience. The course is a great gift for adrenalin junkies as well as those who have always dreamed of planing in a dinghy.

A skiff 49er is the Formula 1 car of the boating world. Similar to a windsurfing board or a kite board, a skiff can plane faster than the wind (e.g. in 10 knot winds a planing skiff can reach speeds of 15knots). In 1-3 B

Sailing on a skiff is 'wet' and 'technical'. Due to the surface area to weight ratio of the boat, the resulting ‘friskiness’ of the boat excludes an individual from being able to charter or rent it. Even an experienced sailor needs several months of practise in order to singlehandedly steer the dinghy without any upturns. To date, the only possibility of planing in Poland on such equipment was on privately purchased equipment. We are the first and only school in Poland offering planing lessons with an instructor.

The course includes;
- familiarisation with the nomenclature and mechanisms of the boat
- learning the fundamental sailing knots
- learning how to rig and de-rig a boat
- learning the correct way to move around a boat in a trapeze belt and as ballast
- learning basic sailing manoeuvres as crew (to jibe and to tack leeward, turning around a buoy etc.)
- learning the effective trimming of sails
- learning the effective use of the Cunningham and the mainsail boom vang – familiarising yourself with relationship between sail shape and boat performance
- familiarising yourself with the influence of the centre of the sail and the centre of resistance on the directional balance and speed of the boat.
- learning advanced sailing manoeuvres (genaker sailing, jibing and tacking with 3 sails, capsize recovery)
- planing and semi-planing
- familiarising yourself with the specifics of sailing faster than the wind
- learning regatta strategies (making a good start, slipstreaming, aerodynamics and avoiding disadvantageous positions etc.)

We tach sailing on 49er (the fastest and most demanding olympic class):
- type: skiff,
- lenght: 4,9m,
- width: 2,9 (including wings),
- sail area: 59m2 (main: 15 m2, jib: 6 m2, genaker: 38 m2)
- mass: 125 kg,
- max. speed: 25 knots (50 km/h),
- crew: 2 people.

"Catamaran" sailing course

Topcat K2 catamaran is a fast, but very calm yacht in 1-3'B winds. In such conditions, we recommend it also for children and youth as a crew. In stronger winds catamaran becomes extremely fast and more demanding in terms of steering; allowing it to sail on one hull and crossing speed of 20 knots.

K2 has shallow draft, so we do not have to worry about shallows .During our course we teach all the basic maneuvers of sailing (tacking, jibing, security, etc.). Additionally, we pass the knowledge on the theory of sailing (apparent wind, overtaking the wind, etc.) and specific skills for racing catamarans (trapezing, capsizes, etc.).

Prices and location

"planing" individual* 18 and above 3-4h 260 zł/meeting
"catamaran" individual* 14 and above 2-3h 160 zł/meeting

"WOPR" base: ul. Ksiedza Nawrota 14, Kiekrz, Poznań.


Wojciech Augustyniak

Regatowy kurs żeglarski Poznań

Jarosław Wachowiak


Direct contact on sailing courses: (+48) 604 803 870


Fundacja "Nieściszalni" ul. Jana Henryka Dąbrowskiego 17,
60-838 Poznań, e-mail:
tel. (+48) 790 780 530, IBAN: PL49 2130 0004 2001 0583 4460 0001